November 25th @ Oasis Farms Waterloo, London

We're re-launching, after a hiatus! Come to our (mostly outdoors) meetup for coders who teach (whether informally or professionally, at any organisation or independently) to share best practice, grow and improve as teachers.

Grab your spot!

Talks and demos on everything from best practice and coding exercises to educational theory. These meetups help us learn from each other, improve our classes and try new techniques.

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Previous meetups

Meetup #1 - January 22nd @ M&S HQ, London

Meetup #0 - 17th September 2019 @ Twitter HQ, London

We'll be collating post-its, ideas, feedback and sharing it - thank you for contributing so many great coding teaching ideas, goals and aspirations!

— Coders Who Teach (@coderswhoteach) September 17, 2019